The Christmas Brass Busk Books (Individual)

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Adaptable brass ensembles:
These arrangements are designed to allow flexible instrumentation. The number of the part represents quartet/quintet voicings:

  • 1 (Soprano)
  • 2 (Alto)
  • 3 (Tenor)
  • 4 (Bass)
  • 5 (Auxiliary)

The letters indicate duet/trio voicings. Any Part A and Part B will work together as duets; add a Part C and you have a trio!

This means that *most combinations of 2-5 brass instruments will work:

Brass Quintet Version:

There is also a special edition specifically tailored for brass quintets. Note that these parts are NOT labelled with a number and letter, and are NOT interchangeable with the Adaptable versions.


You can buy any book individually for $18, but for the best prices buy in multiples:

  • any 2 for $33 (use promo code DUETS at checkout)
  • any 3 for $45 (use promo code TRIOS at checkout)
  • any 4 for $56 (use promo code QUARTETS at checkout)
  • any 5 for $65 (use promo code QUINTETS at checkout)
  • more than 6: 30% off (LARGE BRASS ENSEMBLE automatically applies at checkout)

Printed on demand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.