What is The Christmas Brass Busk Book?

Twenty festive arrangements from graceful Baroque chorales to spicy jazz shout choruses. Perfect for those Christmas gigs that sneak up on you every year.

(or just for a fun jam session)

Click to hear some samples!

Setlist for The Christmas Brass Busk Book

Adaptable brass ensembles:

These arrangements are designed to allow flexible instrumentation. The number of the part represents quartet/quintet voicings:

  • 1 (Soprano)
  • 2 (Alto)
  • 3 (Tenor)
  • 4 (Bass)
  • 5 (Auxiliary)

The letters indicate duet/trio voicings. Any Part A and Part B will work together as duets; add a Part C and you have a trio!

This means that *most combinations of 2-5 brass instruments will work:

Example Instrumentations

Brass Quintet Version:

There is also a special edition specifically tailored for brass quintets. Note that these parts are NOT labelled with a number and letter, and are NOT interchangeable with the Adaptable versions.

Individual Book Pricing:

You can buy any book individually for $18, but for the best prices buy in multiples:

  • any 2 for $33 (use promo code DUETS at checkout)
  • any 3 for $45 (use promo code TRIOS at checkout)
  • any 4 for $56 (use promo code QUARTETS at checkout)
  • any 5 for $65 (use promo code QUINTETS at checkout)
  • more than 6: 30% off (LARGE BRASS ENSEMBLE automatically applies at checkout)

Digital PDF Version

Are you more of an iPad/tablet kind of person? ép has you covered with our digital PDF versions of The Christmas Brass Busk Book. Navigation is built in, and they look spectacular on popular music apps like forScore.

You also will have the ability to print individual pages off at home.
(disclaimer - the staves shrink to about 5.5 mm when printed on letter-size paper, which may be a problem for the visually impaired)

Printed on demand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.