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Horn Quintet Set - The Christmas Brass Busk Book

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The best value for horn players!

20 brand new arrangements for adaptable brass ensembles, perfect for busking or jamming with friends. Set contains all five F Horn parts:

  • Horn 1A
  • Horn 2B
  • Horn 3C
  • Horn 4B
  • Horn 5C

...allowing you to play horn duets, trios, quartets and quintets.

Adaptable brass ensembles:
These arrangements are designed to allow flexible instrumentation. The number of the part represents quartet/quintet voicings:

  • 1 (Soprano)
  • 2 (Alto)
  • 3 (Tenor)
  • 4 (Bass)
  • 5 (Auxiliary)

The letters indicate duet/trio voicings. Any Part A and Part B will work together as duets; add a Part C and you have a trio!

Any of these horn parts can be substituted for their respective trumpet, trombone, euphonium or tuba voicings.


Brass Quintet Version:
Note these are Adaptable parts which are NOT compatible with the Brass Quintet Version of the Christmas Brass Busk Book.

Printed on demand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.