MIDI Realization

Conventional wisdom says that a MIDI mockup is never as good as a live performance, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. MIDI playback is vital to my process as an error-checking tool, and it helps me experiment with timbre, counterpoint and other elements I can’t accomplish at a piano.

Using Ableton and Reason to create a MIDI mockup at Éditions Plamondon HQ


This is a very frequently requested service! I’m pleased to offer MIDI mockups for free with any commission of an arrangement, transcription or engraving project. Upon request, this can be the full score and/or individual parts in .wav and/or .mp3 format.

Taran Plamondon in studio Éditions Plamondon HQ creating a MIDI realization with Dorico & Ableton


These sound better than the notation software defaults, and I have the marvelous engineers at Wallander Instruments to thank. All my MIDI mockups are created using NotePerformer 3, a VST engine express-built for Finale, Sibelius and Dorico. They really sound phenomenal, especially considering they only take a few clicks to set up. Take a listen:

Éditions Plamondon · FF7R ÉP NOTEPERFORMER DEMO - Prelude / Let the Battles Begin