Musical Transcription

Transcription falls under the umbrella of arranging in some ways, but a typical transcription project involves lifting notation from an audio file as accurately as possible. This is useful for the study of a piece of music, and as a jumping off point for a custom arrangement.

String Quartet performing transcription of El Tango de Roxane, transcribed by Taran Plamondon


Can’t find the sheet music to a song you love? Perhaps you’re looking to distribute copies of your own compositions? Save time and effort, and get a highly accurate final product.

Taran Plamondon transcribing solo violin cadenza in Éditions Plamondon HQ


We offer a highly competitive rate of $11.90/staff per minute of music. Please note that grand staff instruments, including piano, count as two staves for pricing purposes. Feel free to contact us at for quotes and more information.

Deliverables include PDF Files of the completed scores. I will also provide for free upon request: MIDI realization, MusicXML, and the notation software file (please specify which software you use before project start).

Transcription of Schitt's Creek Main Title Theme by Taran Plamondon


Please note this service is not for speech-to-text transcription. If the music contains lyrics or speech, we may request that you provide the text for typesetting purposes. We also do not provide detailed guitar transcriptions at this time, but would be happy to give you a recommendation of guitar specialists.