Printing and Shipping

Why choose me over a conventional print shop? Because your music is being played by professionals, and you want it to look professional. Your scores may be in the same folder as music by Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler, or perhaps on a show with charts by Sammy Nestico and Billy Strayhorn. Putting some extra thought into the preparation of your music goes a long way towards ensuring it receives the attention and care it deserves from the musicians who are playing it.

Sanctuary for Orchestra by Alison Yun-Fei Jiang printed by Taran Plamondon of Éditions Plamondon


I specialize in preparing sheet music to MOLA Specifications. For any arranging, transcribing or engraving project, I will always take care of these details automatically as an integral step in the process. If you are preparing parts yourself, I highly recommend using “Concert” Size 9” x 12” paper, also known as “ARCH A.”

Stack of music scores by Samuel Kerr printed by Taran Plamondon of Éditions Plamondon


I have three types of paper available:

  • Standard 80lb text white paper, great for nearly anything,
  • My very popular 80lb text ivory paper, to give your music that elegant old-fashioned feel,
  • 110lb glossy white card stock, perfect for covers.

These are available in any size up to 12”x18”. Typical score page sizes include Letter (ANSI A), A4, and 9”x12” for parts, and 9”x12”, 11”x14”, and Tabloid (ANSI B) for scores.

I also have basic letter-size copy paper available. I do not recommend printing your final product on copy paper; I primarily use it for printing drafts for proofreading, or additional information such as errata sheets and invoices.

Batch of scores printed and ready to ship, prepared by Taran Plamondon of Éditions Plamondon


Pricing is 12¢/page for “A” sized paper, 9x12” or smaller. “B” sized paper such as 12x18” or 11x17” is 24¢/page. There is no minimum purchase.

COLOUR PRINTING is also available for covers, posters and graphic notation involving colours. Pricing depends on the contents of the image; for best results, I recommend sparse highlights of colour, rather than a full-page photograph.

Upon request I will create cover pages for your parts in my signature house style for free:

The [Uncertain] Four Seasons on stand in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Prepared by Taran Plamondon of Éditions Plamondon


Shipping is done through Canada Post. Within Canada, fees range from $5.00 (for small projects which fit in an envelope) to $14.90 (for larger projects which require a box). There may be an additional cost for international shipping.

If you are ordering from the Ottawa/Gatineau area, where I am currently based, I proudly offer complimentary shipping. Feel free to contact me at to get a quote or for more information.

Instagram story by Suad Bushnaq featuring scores engraved and prepared by Taran Plamondon of Éditions PlamondonInstagram story by Suad Bushnaq featuring review of Éditions Plamondon


I offer free saddle-stitch booklet stapling, which works best for scores with 60 pages or fewer. I also provide taping for 3 or more page spreads, with linen hinging tape for quality and longevity.

GIF of Taran Plamondon tape binding a 3-page spread of music by Éditions Plamondon


Coil binding will be available soon!

Image of Taran Plamondon staple binding some music at Éditions Plamondon HQ