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Myroslav Volynskyi's Quintet for Winds "Christmas"

Myroslav Volynskyi's Quintet for Winds "Christmas"

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Myroslav Volynskyi is an Honored Artist of Ukraine and a member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. His colourful and dynamic compositional style is on full display with this festive woodwind quintet, which features 11 traditional Ukrainian folk songs.

The first movement begins with a serene introductory prelude based on Eternal God was Born (Бог предвічний народився). This is followed by a contrapuntal treatment of Oh God Sees, the Almighty Sees (Ой бачить Бог, бачить Саваоф) and ends with a joyful chorale on the carol Universe, Have Fun! (Вселенная веселися). This movement sets the stage for what is to come.

The second movement is a lively 6/8 featuring three Ukrainian carols: Star in the Sky (На небі зірка), A New Joy Became (Нова радість стала), and Let Us Have Fun All Together Now (Возвеселімся всі разом нині). The movement is bisected by an interlude on King Herod Chased After Christ (Ірод-цар за Христом ганався) before reprising the joyful interplay of the three carols from the first half.

The third movement is a meditation on the carol Don't Cry, Rachel (Не плач, Рахиле). The oboe takes the spotlight for much of this movement, weaving a melancholic and bittersweet folk melody.

The fourth movement has moments for each instrument to shine, as the two Ukrainian carols Joy Has Been Revealed to Us (Радість нам ся явила) and There is News in Bethlehem Now (Во Вифлеємі нині новина) are effortlessly intertwined. The gem in the midst of this movement is a fugue on the carol The Nativity of Christ (Рождество Христове), before the story ends in a festive flourish.

Myroslav Volynskyi’s Quintet for Winds "Christmas" is part of ép’s Slava Ukraini series, and revenues from the sales of this title go directly to the composer.

Duration: 21 min. (approx.)

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